Sunday, January 16, 2011

look who's talking

mr. rowen has pronounced his first word, "DADA!" and although he may not always use it in context it's adorable! lillian has an abundance to announce... "don't be naughty mama" she tells me as i take one of her goldfish crackers..."he pees like daddy does, out his penis"regarding a neighbor boy who left the door open while peeing & lil observantly watched from the other room that he was in fact a boy & stood while he peed..."i'm sweaty mama, like you because i went running like you" she tells me every time she runs down the street- you should see her run though it's impressive, but she is not sweaty..."sometimes kids do that" she tells me when i asked her WHY...
"i want my friends to come over. what's their names?" she loves her friends- all of them named or not!
video isn't much to see, but you can hear our little man say DADA!

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