Monday, January 31, 2011


i'll bundle up and take on the crisp air any day there isn't rain.

one of our new years resolutions is to make pizza dinner together once a week. we are getting pretty creative & lil is quite the sue chef. we are shooting for resolutions that we can keep... along with our saturday morning chocolate croissants (yum!)

a recent outing to the zoo was twice as fun with her two bf's Ollie & Wes!  the entertainment abounds with two year olds and my favorite is when they have their own little conversations. cutest little people!

manners are the matter at hand and i actually wish that i meant just please. with the resent whining and murmur of "i can't" resounding through my home, i am buckling my two year old down to PLEASE "say it with a smile"- makes it hard for her to keep the whine in her tone while cheesing up her cheeks. And really why say you can't when as a two year old all you want to do is say " I CAN!" (like the little engine that could). I love reading parenting tips and i often laugh thinking of all the strategies- redirect, encourage, be positive, patient, and really just be present cause the truth is I need to say things with a smile even if it is "Please don't sit on your brother" =)


  1. Fun p's! Love that you captured those cuties at the zoo. We had so much fun with you guys, thanks for encouraging me to use our zoo pass.

  2. i love that your husband wrote least he recognizes what he has in front of him, but I think he can add super wife too ;)