Wednesday, February 2, 2011

clean up

my mama always says, "clean up one mess before you make another." in theory this is fabulous advice, but currently it is going more along the lines of clean up one mess... while/ for the sake of/ in exchange for... another. i am not complaining, but being honest with myself that although i heed my mothers advice it may not be attainable in my current state of toddler & infant plus 1400 square feet. so as they say, "pick your battles" and i am picking them wisely.... so for the sake of the dishes i let the living room go and in exchange for the bathroom, water bottles filled the office and while i made my bed, stuffed animals exploded all over the floor. AND the battle we didn't pick so wisely left our sofa chair covered in pen. 

a recent conversation with a friend left us chuckling about why we strive to make our houses look like we don't live there and especially not our kids.

"clean up. clean up. everybody every where. clean up. clean up. everybody do your share." - a favorite sung daily by Lil.

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  1. that is SO totally my life right now! Hilarious and well said. I am laughing at how I cleaned the kitchen and received/ in exchange for- the office looking like a bomb went off. Ahh!