Saturday, December 3, 2011

she said...

i love lillian! 
she fills my days with conversation and constantly keeps me watching what i say. here are a few quotable phrases from lil:

7am Lillian crawls into our bed. Justin leaves to go to the bathroom. Lillian says, 
"Is Daddy coming back? Cause you need your husband. I am going to have some alone time watching my show, so you will need your husband. Is he coming back?"

"Dear God please give Rowen peace. Like a piece of wood or maybe a piece of gum. Amen"

"Dear God thank you for Mommy and Daddy and Lillian and Rowen and Lillian and Mommy and Lillian"

October 30, 2011:
"When I wake up I'm going to yell 'SURPRISE'!"
Me: Why?
"Because it's almost Christmas!" (duh Mom:)

Little Mama:
"Minnie look in my eyes. Look in Mama's eyes. No hitting. No! Mom Minnie isn't listening to me!"

"Dad why don't you just take your SON with you? Take him with you Daddy." 
(Rowen was crying cause Justin was leaving)

My girl:
"Do you have something to tell me Mom?"
Me: I love you!
"No. Something else."
Me: You are the cutest girl in the whole wide world?
Me: I missed you?
"And you dreamed about me ALL night long!"

Girl Time:
Lillian LOVES girl time and observes whenever it is just girls!  I managed not to LOL at our last in prompt to "girl time" when she very EXCITED said,
"We are having girl time Mommy! Just us girls and we both have vagina's!"

"Daddy I am your princess & you are the Beast!"

"Rowen hold my hand! You are my prince, you have to hold my hand!"

"Mommy look she is so glitzy" (a lady in TJ)

Lillian is one of the most engaging and sweet three year olds I have ever chatted with. I know that I am biased, but her empathy amazes me. She remembers every detail. She gives compliments daily, "I like your boots mommy", "you look pretty mama", "good job mama, we are amazing!" She is the house cheerleader and my best girl friend. I love my lil!

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