Sunday, December 4, 2011

one more: crazy driver

i dont want to forget this moment & i meant to post it in the lil quotes, but here it is:

I was driving in the car & this low rider car whips out in front of me. 
Me: "Goodness! Crazy driver!"
Lillian: "What mom?"
Me: "Oh this guy is just being a crazy driver"
Lillian: " What is a crazy driver?"
Me: "Well he was going fast and not looking around, he could get in an accident."
Lillian: "Were you a crazy driver in your accident?"
Me: "Hmm, no that was an actual accident when you don't do something on purpose..."

she is too smart.
my kids weren't in the car during my fender bender "accident", but lillian was so glad when i got the cars "owie" fixed. she asked me what color the car was that hit me and when i said, "red", she was so worried, "did you get in an accident with auntie carly?", no someone else's red car.

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