Wednesday, May 15, 2013


my grandpa bob has been in heaven a year now
 after living 98 long, strong and faithful years on earth.
i found my notes from his memorial recently and am flooded with fondness for this strong and often mysterious man that i loved to make smile...

As i began reflecting on my grandpa's life i found myself naming the fruits of the spirit to describe him. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self- control. Being in my grandpa's presence was peaceful, he was never in a rush, always had time and was always on time. He was gentle as he would rest on the couch i remember jumping up on his lap & wanting to play on his knee- he would awake & joyfully play with me. He chose patience as a hobby... Fishing, hiking, golfing, crabbing, gardening, things that took time, made you wait. His life was about the journey not the destination. i loved gardening with him as a kid & learning how things grew. I vividly remember pulling my first carrot out of the dirt, in his vegetable garden. He had amazing self- control as he arose early daily, he did his exercises, devotionals, ate breakfast with my grandma  (eating the same burnt toast with peanut butter  & prunes :). I am so grateful for the vivid memories I have of his morning routine. 

The last 10 years I got to know a new side of my grandpa. When he met my husband Justin, he went from a man of few words to a man of many. There mutual love for the northwest and growing up in the great state of WA, allowed me to see my grandpa's true passion & love in life. He was a man of adventure that blazed across WA. Our summer on Orcas Island with both my grandparents was there last visit together and the only time I have ever beat him in scrabble. I will treasure those memories forever. Having my daughter at Swedish Hospital where he & my mom were born. And then having him visit me after Lillian was born, which was his last time in WA. BLESS HIS HEART! I am reminded of him daily as I live in WA, amidst all things he loved, and that made him who he was. 

although a year later i do not live in washington, thinking about my grandpa reminds me that i will always have a piece of my heart in the great state. here are a few pictures of a camping trip we took this past summer to Dungeness Bay in Sequim, WA where my grandparents lived while I was growing up. it was a bit of a memorial and treasure to impart a special place to our kids. my brother Jared and I scattered some of his ashes into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. i love you grandpa and am so grateful that i can rest assured you are in heaven with your savior.

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