Monday, May 13, 2013

oh mother...

 most days i wake up to the words, "mom, mommy?" 
... and i can not believe that these little ones are talking to me. seriously. 
they are so cute. they are so sweet. they are so overwhelming. they are so playful.
 they are so bold. they are heavenly. they are so huggable, kissable, almost edible. 
they are so demanding. they are so loving and affectionate. they are so precious.
 they are so loud. they are so charming. they are so funny. 
they are so small and yet i always think how big they are getting. 
they are so enchanting. they are so faithful. they are honest. they are so amazing. 
they are my kids and i love that they call me, mom.

 thank you for making my life as your mom so sweet. 
i love you lillian and rowen with all my heart. 
thank you justin for making mother's day so special, so simple, so thoughtful, so sweet.
you are life's greatest gift & i savor my moments with you.

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